the BikeBox™ Tower

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The BikeBox™Tower

You will not find a bigger or more practical storage solution for cyclists!

Designed and engineered specifically for the typical car space in the basement garage of apartment buildings, the Apartment Version features a large full height cabinet as the lower section, with a reduced height cabinet above to provide extra storage.

The BikeBox Tower is an adaptation of the Space Commander brand Double Decker.

This unique full height storage cabinet revolutionised garage storage when it was introduced in 2004, and his since sold over 2,000 units across Australia and NZ. Creating up to 5.7 cubic metres of storage space, the Double Decker is a life-changing solution for space constrained apartment dwellers.

With this pedigree, the BikeBox Tower features exceptional quality, security and strength, introducing  greater versatility and practicality for cyclists. Bikes only have to lifted 25cm off the ground to be stored securely in the larger cabinet. Up to 5 adult bikes can be stored, with easy access via the large swing out doors.

Of course the BikeBox Tower isn’t just for the bike riding community. It can be used for all kinds of sporting equipment and household items. And a lot of them!

The BikeBox™ Tower Features

Our storage units have many features to keep your items secure

The BikeBox Tower has the following features and benefits;

  • All steel and aluminium construction – solid and robust
  • Modern, contemporary design
  • 2 sizes – either 810mm or 1,110 deep (common width at 2,510mm and height at 2,325mm)
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Huge storage capacity at 4.2 or 5.7 cubic metres
  • Secure keyed lock with 3 way stainless steel locking system
  • Gas struts for easy opening top door
  • Ventilated floor panels to allow drainage from wet bikes
  • Freestanding, not fixed to the floor
  • For indoor (basement garage) installation only

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the BikeBox

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