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The BikeBox™

the BikeBoxIntroducing the BikeBox™ – the innovative, practical and secure bike storage cabinet that accommodates up to 3 bikes.

The BikeBox™ is perfect for all bike storage situations:

  • Outdoors
  • The backyard
  • On the balcony or terrace
  • In the basement garage
  • Down the side of the house

The BikeBox™ is quite unique. We have scoured the world to find the best product and found it in England – a land notorious for inclement weather and bike theft! Manufactured just south of London and shipped to Australia, the BikeBox™ has sold in the 10s of thousands under its UK brand, and enjoys a number of endorsements and accreditations.

bicycle storage box

Stores up to 3 adult bikes. Ideal for general purpose storage also.

The BikeBox™ Features

Our storage units have many features to keep your items secure

In the UK the same product is the only cycle store which has been tested and certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board and awarded the LPS1175 Security Rating 1 and in addition has achieved the Police SBD mark (Secure By Design) “Preferred Police Specification.” It is also recommended and approved by UK insurance companies.

  • Unique and Patented Design
  • Stores Up To Three Adult Bikes
  • Ideal For General Purpose Storage also
  • Recommended by Top Cycle Magazines in the UK
  • Patented Spring-Assisted Opening Action (Gas Strut assisted on the Slimline Model)
  • The BikeBox is supplied with 3 padlocks, heavy duty ground anchor and security cable
  • The BikeBox Slimline is supplied with 2 padlocks
  • Maintenance-Free
  • 10 Year Panel Guarantee
  • PVC-Coated Galvanised Steel Construction
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Clear Step by Step Instructions for DIY installation
  • Complete “WALK IN” Access
  • Two Padlock Points as Standard (4 Maximum)
  • Choice of 3 colours – 2 Tone Green,  Cream and Anthracite/Monument

Bicycle storage solutions

Available in 3 models:

the BikeBox™

Most popular

$ 2,175

Accommodates up to 3 bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

the BikeBox™ Slimline

More compact

$ 2,175

Accommodates up to 2 bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

the BikeBox™ e-Bike

The version for heavier e-Bikes

$ 2,495

Accommodates up to 3 e-Bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

Additional colours available late 2024

  • The BikeBox™ comes complete with easy to follow, step by step, comprehensive installation instructions for “Do-it-yourself” installation.
  • The BikeBox™ is designed to be bolted down onto a hard concrete base (or timber deck) which must be level and flat (if you need to create this, a concrete slab or heavy concrete paver base will work).

The BikeBox™ is designed and manufactured in the U.K. by Europe’s leading manufacturer of metal sheds, and has a long, successful history of providing affordable but effective bike storage and security in that country. Considering the weather and incidence of theft in the U.K. this speaks highly for the product!!

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the BikeBox

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