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How to order the BikeBox™

the BikeBox

Both BikeBox™ models are now available Australia wide!

Australia-wide pricing (effective September 2020)

Each BikeBox™ is shipped in 5 cardboard cartons, complete with all fasteners and installation instructions (3 cartons for the BikeBox™ Slimline).

To place your order and process a credit card payment please

phone 1300 133 963

the BikeBox™

Most popular

$ 2,175

Accommodates up to 3 bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

the BikeBox™ Slimline

More compact

$ 2,175

Accommodates up to 2 bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

the BikeBox™ e-Bike

The version for heavier e-Bikes

$ 2,495

Accommodates up to 3 e-Bikes

Price includes GST

Plus freight cost

Additional colours available late 2024


The BikeBox can be collected from our warehouse in Auburn, NSW 2144 (western Sydney)

We can deliver in the Sydney metropolitan region for $25

DELIVERY METHOD for all locations out of Sydney (Australia wide)

Each BikeBox™ is shipped in 5 cardboard cartons, complete with all fasteners and installation instructions (3 cartons for the BikeBox™ Slimline).
[ click here to download carton dimensions ]

We have implemented a delivery method to eliminate possible damage to the 5 cartons whilst in transit. Accordingly, we are unable to ship directly to your home. The old method (direct to home) required that the cartons were individually handled (exposing them to more movement) and required the involvement of more vehicles and couriers, who typically don’t show the cartons the same care and attention that we do. The net impact of this in the past was a high, unacceptable and costly incidence of damage to the cartons. Since adopting our current delivery method we have a 100% strike rate of getting your BikeBox to you in first class condition. The cost of replacing damaged cartons was borne by us, and had the further impact of throwing our stock out of alignment (4 out of 5 cartons does not qualify as a BikeBox!).

There is also the issue of the cartons being “oversized” as determined by the courier companies. Based on the size of the largest cardboard box, they either refuse to collect and deliver, or apply outrageous penalties and surcharges under the guise of work place health and safety.

Our delivery method for all locations out of Sydney is to flat pack all 5 cartons (or 3 for the Slimline) on to a pallet, shrink-wrap and strap, and then arrange for this item to be shipped to the nearest courier or freight depot to your home ready for collection by you. This method requires a fork lift at our warehouse and along the supply chain – something that most homes don’t have! The 5 cartons can then be easily removed from the pallet by you and transported home in most 4WDs, station wagons or SUVs, and obviously utes and vans. Take a pair of scissors with you.

Please call us on 1300 133 963 for a freight costing and the location of the nearest depot to your home.

We understand that this is not very convenient, but it is reliable and preferable to receiving cartons at home and finding out that some of the panels are dented, buckled or in some way damaged!

Call 1800 006 090 for further information and pricing for your location.

the BikeBox

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