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The NewUrban Shed

Introducing the new Urban Shed for 2023. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan by Daiken Co., the Urban Shed is unlike any shed or outdoor storage cabinet in Australia!

The Urban Shed is perfect for backyards, courtyards, decks, terraces and other outdoor areas that remain in view of your internal or outdoor living spaces. If you need that extra outdoor storage, it doesn’t need to be an ugly industrial or agricultural looking box any more!

From its contemporary, stylish good looks, precision Japanese engineering and total quality Japanese manufacturing, the Urban Shed offers a unique solution for your outdoor space.

That flimsy, hardware store shed just doesn’t cut it anymore!

Daiken Co. is Japan’s market leading supplier of sheds and outdoor storage structures. With a proud history of over 100 years, and a number of factories throughout Japan, we are confident we have sourced the best possible supplier to change the game in the Australian shed market.

modern urban storage shed

Contemporary, stylish outdoor storage cabinet.

Precision Japanese engineering & manufacturing.

Our unique storage solution for  your outdoor space.

urban shed dimensions

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The Urban Shed is available in 1 size, with the following dimensions;

Model US2109

  • Width – 2,208mm at the roofline, 2,123mm at the base
  • Depth – 1,017mm at the roofline, 923mm at the base
  • Height – 2,120mm

    Other features:

    • 2 sliding doors, creating an opening width of 908mm
    • 2 internal shelves (rated to 60kg each)
    • Integrated strengthened steel floor that is rated to 6000N/m2 (600kg/m2)
    • Keyed locking system with internal safety release mechanism
    • Choice of 2 colours for the sliding doors – Natural White or Brunswick Green
    • Supplied in flat pack form for easy DIY self-assembly

    Structurally, you will not find a better made shed.

    The Urban Shed provides unrivalled strength and structural integrity due to its unique reinforced panel composition. The ceiling of the Urban Shed is strong enough to hold 60cm of snow, at 1,200N/m2.

    The Urban Shed is constructed from pre-painted galvanised steel, supplied by Nippon Steel, Japan’s leading steel manufacturer.

    The pre-painted steel is supplied to Daiken in large rolls, ready to be transformed into a vast range of components that are then used in over 40 different sizes/ models of the same shed type at their factory near Narita Airport, Tokyo.

    The pre-painted steel is Galvalume steel sheet. It is an aluminum-zinc alloy-plated steel sheet developed by the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in the US.

    The plating consists of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. By adding the galvanization (galvanic protection) of zinc to the long-term durability, and heat resistance of aluminium, Galvalume steel sheet has a durability of about three to six times longer than galvanized steel under various conditions of use. For more detailed information on the specific steel used click here.


    Features of the Urban Shed

    Every Urban Shed is supplied with 2 heavy duty internal shelves that can take 60kg in weight.


    Every Urban Shed is supplied with 2 heavy duty internal shelves that can take 60kg in weight.

    sliding door mechanism

    Sliding Door mechanism

    The Urban Shed features a smooth sliding door system that uses a premium quality rail and wheel mechanism. The door is supported from the top in a hanging arrangement ensures easy opening and closing without any possible interference from the floor.

    urban shed lock

    Door Lock

    The Urban Shed features a keyed lock with colour coded locked/ unlocked indicator. There is an internal lock release function as a safety measure.

    steel floor of urban shed

    Steel Floor

    The integrated steel floor is rated to
    6000N/m2 (600kg/m2)

    drain on urban shed


    The Urban Shed can be supplied with an optional (additional cost) drain assembly to ensure rainwater is dispersed away from the shed.

    urban shed strength

    Strength & Rigidity

    The design, construction and engineering of the Urban Shed has produced a structure of remarkable strength and rigidity, as demonstrated by the testing process at the factory in Narita, Japan.

    Pricing & How to Order

    Urban Shed

    Model US2109

    $ 2,595inc GST

    Ready to order now!

    Stock available late February 2023


    The Urban Shed is supplied in 15 cardboard cartons of differing dimensions and weights  – download packing list.

    For Sydney metro orders we can deliver direct to your home for $50, or it can be collected from our Auburn warehouse.

    For all other locations around Australia please call us on 1300 133 963 to get a freight quote.

    Call 1300 133 963 for further information and pricing for your location.

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