Models & Sizes

Over Car Bonnet Storage

Model #DescriptionHeight (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Capacity (m3)Photo
SC2511 Full height, full depth, full width 2,3251,1102,5103.2SC2511 model
SC2518Lower height, full depth, full width2,0251,1102,5102.4SC2518 model
SC2519Lower height, 1,000 depth, full width2,2251,0002,5102.2
SC2581Full height, reduced depth, full width2,3258102,5102.3SC2581 model
SC2588Lower height, reduced depth, full width2,0258102,5101.8SC2588 model
SC2511QFull height, full depth, 2,400 wide2,3251,1102,4003.1
SC2518QLower height, full depth, 2,400mm wide2,0251,1102,4002.3
SC2581QFull height, reduced depth, 2,400 wide2,3258102,4002.2
SC2588QLower height, reduced depth, 2,400 wide2,0258102,4001.7
SC2518EXTExtended height, full depth, full width (1,200 bonnet clearance)2,2251,1102,5102.4
SC2519EXTExtended height, 1,000 depth, full width (1,200 bonnet clearance)2,2251,0002,5102.2
SC2518QEXTExtended height, full depth, 2,400 wide (1,200 bonnet clearance)2,2251,1102,4002.3
SC2588EXTExtended height, full depth, full width (1,200 bonnet clearance)2,2258102,5101.8
SC2588QEXTExtended height, reduced depth, 2,400 wide (1,200 bonnet clearance)2,2258102,4001.7

Double Decker Storage

Model #DescriptionHeight (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Capacity (m3)Photo
SC2511DD Full height, full depth, full width 2,325 1,110 2,510 5.6
SC2518DDLower height, full depth, full width2,0251,1102,5104.8
SC2581DDFull height, reduced depth, full width2,3258102,5104
SC2588DDLower height, reduced depth, full width2,0258102,5103.6
SC2511DDQFull height, full depth, 2,400 wide2,3251,1102,4005.4
SC2518DDQLower height, full depth, 2,400 wide2,0251,1102,4004.6
SC2581DDQFull height, reduced depth, 2,400 wide2,3258102,4003.8
SC2588DDQLower height, reduced depth, 2,400 wide2,0258102,4003.4

the BikeBox Tower

Model #DescriptionHeight (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Capacity (m3)Photo
SC2511DDBB Full height, full depth, full width 2,325 1,110 2,510 5.6
SC2581DDBBFull height, reduced depth, full width2,325 810 2,510 4.0

the BikeBox Lo Rider

Model #DescriptionHeight (mm)Depth (mm)Width (mm)Capacity (m3)Photo
BBLR1110Mid height, full depth, full width1,4851,1102,5103.2
BBLR810Mid height, reduced depth, full width1,4858102,5102.3
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